LESLIE SMITH III is uniquely represented by MAUS CONTEMPORARY in Birmingham, Alabama.  We thank MAUS CONTEMPORARY and Mr. Smith for this collaboration and the opportunity to present his work in Canada.  For more detailed information, please contact PMG or:


Guido Maus



2411 Second Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203    USA

(+1) 205 413 2999




Leslie Smith III practice investigates the history of modern painting with reference to material specificity, application, and pictorial perception. It seeks to cultivate viewing experiences that challenge how we understand ourselves in relationship to those around us, both socially and culturally. While the work often appropriates past and sometimes forgotten artistic histories, the goal is to generate works that exhibit social agency, perpetuating an existence uninhibited by social class, ethnicity, religion or any limiting factor. While contributing to discourse present in the broader contemporary art world, this trajectory has led him to examine the historical relationship between figuration and abstraction in conjunction with the metaphysics of Minimalism-- how eliminating all non-essential forms enable one’s awareness of being.


Furthermore, his recent works reference the history of painterly innovations associated with Black abstraction, the principles of non-Euclidean geometry, phenomenology and the parallax view. In all, Leslie strives to construct an aesthetic that creates challenging and unconventional viewing experiences. The subjects of these inquiries reflect intentions to politicize abstraction in the interest of suggesting perception as a defining factor in our cultural affair with otherness. Working in tandem with these concepts, he would like his future work to reconsider the causal-relationship between my philosophical and social concerns-- namely, the resulting image and desired viewing experience. Leslie Smith III plan to dive deeper into creating image-objects that provoke perceived experiences and collectively share a consciousness of one’s willingness to alter personal perception in order to correct how difference is seen. The resulting image is subsequently a shaped object on a wall that conveys meaning in its physical presence. It mediates meaningful experiences by fostering curiosity and anxiety in questioning how to approach it. 






2009  M.F.A., Painting and Printmaking, Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT

2007  B.F.A., Painting Major, Art History Minor, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD



2018  Change Agent | Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2017  Pulse Contemporary Art Fair Miami Beach | Maus Contemporary Gallery, Miami, FL

2017  Minimal Gestures | Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt, Germany

2017  Redaction | 'sindikit | project, Baltimore, MD (Solo)

2017  Paper Positions Munich | Maus Contemporary Gallery, Munich, Germany

2017  Locus of Control | Maus Contemporary Gallery, Birmingham, AL (Solo)

2017  Echo Spectrum | Trestle Contemporary Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2017  DRAWING NOW Paris  | Travis Somerville, Suso Fandiño, Catherine Tafur,  Leslie Smith III, Yoshishige Furukawa

2017  Maus Contemporary Gallery, Paris, France

2016  Time Further Out | Ponce Robles Gallery, Madrid, Spain (Solo)

2016  Black Paintings | Heike Strelow, Frankfurt, Germany

2016  Volta NY International Art Fair | Beta Pictoris Gallery, New York, NY

2016  ARCO Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair | Ponce Robles Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2016  Losing my Edge: New Perspectives in Abstract Figurative Painting | Bloch Hall Gallery, University of

2016  Montevallo, Birmingham, AL

2015  Vivir en la tierra plana (Living In The Flat Land) | Galleria Ponce+Robles, Madrid, Spain (Solo)

2015  Volta 11 International Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

2014  Vacation | DeLuce Gallery Northwest Missouri State University Olive, Maryville, MO (solo)

2014  Volta 10 Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

2014  Pulse New York Contemporary Art Fair, New York, NY

2014  Monochromatic | Triumph & Disaster, Montgomery, AL

2014  Parallax Futured: Transtemporal Subjectivities | Skirball Museum, Cincinnati, OH

2014  Black In The Abstract, Part II: Hard Edges/Soft Curves, 65th Anniversary, with curatorial contributions by Valerie

2014  Cassel Oliver, Bill Arning, and Dean Daderko | Contemporary Art Museum Huston, Houston, TX

2014  As I Remembered | Beta Pictoris Gallery / Maus Contemporary Birmingham, AL (Solo)

2014  Opposing Dysfunction | Wriston Art Galleries. Lawrence University, Appleton, WI (Solo)

2013  Big Bangs/Small Bucks Redux | Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2013  Beta Pictoris Gallery at Texas Contemporary Art Fair | Houston, TX

2013  I Dream Too Much | Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison, WI (Solo)

2013  Wisconsin 30 | Milwaukee Museum of Art, Milwaukee, WI

2013  Pulp 3 ...works on paper | Beta Pictoris Gallery / Maus Contemporary, Birmingham, AL

2013  ARTPADSF | Art fair at the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco, CA

2012  25 for 25 | Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2012  Leslie Smith III: Representation, Abstraction, Oscillation | Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee, WI (Solo)

2012  Voices of Home | Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2012  Voices of Home | Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, NY

2011  Intersecting Cultures/Virtual Worlds | Underground Gallery at the Betsy, Miama, FL

2011  Two Men 2011: Tim Roseborough & Leslie Smith, III | Strivers Gardens Gallery, New York, NY

2010  Balls | Obsidian Arts, Minneapolis, MN

2010  In/Ex | Gallery M, New York, NY

2010  Joel Dean, Fabienne Lasserre, Leslie Smith III | Jolie Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2009  Emerge CT: 2009 MFA Graduates from UConn, Western Connecticut State and Yale, Stamford, CT

2009  Yale University School of Art M.F.A. Thesis Show, New Haven, CT

2008  Verge | Galapagos Art Space, New York, NY

2007  Visions of Conflict: Rendering Dissent | Gormley gallery College of Notre Dame, Baltimore, MD

2007  MAEF Juried Exhibition | Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD

2007  Maryland Institute College of Art B.F.A. Thesis Show, Baltimore, MD

2006  Taylor Companies Retrospective Show | Taylor Companies, Washington DC



2009  American Academy in Rome, Al Held Affiliate Fellowship | Rome Italy

2007  Best in show, Maryland Artist Equity Foundation Juried Exhibition | Baltimore Museum of Art

2006-2007  Freda Eichelberger Scholarship

2003-2007  Thailheimer Scholarship

2003-2007  ARTS Scholarship, MICA

2003  National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts Finalist and Scholarship recipient



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Virginia Museum of Fine Art

The High Museum of art Permanent Collection

The Collection of Kera and Bennie F. Johnson

Taylor Companies | Washington DC

Numerous private collections



University Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI | 2011 - Present Assistant Professor Drawing and Painting

Graduate Advance Research-Painting Independent Study All levels of Painting and Life Drawing

University Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI | 2010 - 2011 Senior Lecture, Graduate Advance Research-Painting Independent Study All levels of Painting and Life Drawing

University of Hartford, Hartford, CT | 2009 - 2010 Adjunct Professor, Traditional Drawing, Introduction to Painting



American University Department of Art | Washington DC | 2016

Kinetic: Conversations in Contemporary Arts

Featuring Leslie Smith III and Rushern Baker IV

Northwest Missouri State University | Maryville, MO | 2014

Visiting Artist: Lecture and Studio Visits

UW Milwaukee Peck School of Art | Milwaukee, WI | 2014

Visiting Artist: Lecture and Studio Visits

University of Iowa School of Art & Art History, Iowa City, IA | 2014

Visiting Artist: Lecture

“I Dream Too Much” Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison, WI | 2013

Gallery talk and Docent talk

Marie Walsh Sharp Art Foundation Summer Session III, Colorado Spring, CO | 2013

Lecture & Painting Seminar instructor

Voices of Home Panel Discussion, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, NY | 2012

Panel Discussion moderated by former MoCODA curator Kalia Brooks

Strivers Gardens Gallery, New York, NY | 2011

Gallery Talk & Panel Discussion “Contemporary African American Art”

Dreyfoos School of the Arts, West Palm Beach, FL | 2011

Visiting Artist: Lecture and painting, printmaking workshop

Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD | 2010

Visiting Artist: Lecture and Undergraduate Thesis Studio Visits

Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT | 2010

Visiting Critic: Painting Studio II, seniors and juniors undergraduate majors

University Wisconsin Madison, Madison, WI | 2010

Visiting Artist: Lecture and Graduate Studio Visits