SAW Gallery

June 29 - August 18, 2012
Free admission to exhibition and special events

Curator: Stefan St-Laurent (Ottawa)

The secrets of the natural world revealed by nine outstanding regional artists:

John Barkley (Wakefield)
Lorraine Gilbert (Ottawa)
Geneviève Jodouin (Toronto/Ottawa)
Natasha Mazurka (Ottawa)
Angelina McCormick (Ottawa)
Andrew Morrow (Chelsea)
Marc Nerbonne (Montréal/Gatineau)
Cheryl Pagurek (Ottawa)
Howie Tsui (Ottawa)

A rare opportunity to discover the many ways in which plant and tree life can be interpreted in contemporary art, the exhibition features conceptual and allegorical works in painting, photography, sculpture and video-based installation.

The flora of our natural world has vastly inspired artists for millennia, which may be explained by the deep relationship between humans and nature. The participating artists express personal and political views by subjectifying nature, finding within it allegories, cautionary tales and secrets that illuminate our lives. Environmentalism, animal welfare, genetic modification and sexuality are but a few of the engaging subjects tackled in subtle and bold ways in the exhibition.

In science and in agriculture, plant and tree life is dissected, controlled, modified and reconfigured—land is dominated by humans. In the arts, nature is metaphor, energy, beauty, mirroring the world and ourselves; it is also modified and reconfigured, but with the aim of revealing its inherent beauty and always furtive signification.

Partners: Kagita Mikam, Tivoli Florist, Pure Gelato, Ursa Major and Storeimage

Funders: The Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Ottawa, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Canadian Heritage and the Government of Canada

Galerie SAW Gallery
67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa ON, Canada K1N 7B9
Information: (613) 236-6181

Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11AM - 6PM