We are pleased to announce PMG artist JENNIFER LEFORT will be appearing in a solo exhibition project, CHROMADOSE, at Sudbury's Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (GNO). During a short artist’s residency at the GNO, the artist will make use of the gallery’s walls as an exploratory space where she will experiment with spray paint techniques.


In her work, Lefort navigates abstraction’s ambiguous terrain by exploring the limits between formalism and expressionism, saturated fields of colour and line work, structure and disorder. She likens the creation of her work to building spaces –virtual, real or fictional – where experiences can occur. The shapes and structures that inhabit them can be interpreted as symbols that are at once signifiers and signified. In them, we can decipher the attributes of some sort of language or abstract code while also perceiving the telltale signs of characters or other agents that move through space, meet up and somehow talk amongst each other. The splashes of light that populate the works energize her paintings’ vibrant colours, ranging from pastel to Day-Glo, as they highlight the playful spirit of her exploded and antiauthoritarian geometries.


With the CHROMADOSE exhibition project, the artist seeks to transform the GNO into an immersive space where the viewer can experience what it might feel like to stand inside one of her paintings. The elements of this in situ work will therefore crisscross against the gallery’s walls and floor as they seek a cohesive and transformative mise en scène. The project’s ephemeral nature will open a temporary window on this artist’s process where ambiguous results are preferred over clearly defined scenarios.


The opening reception for CHROMADOSE is April 30th at 5 p.m. The exhibition will run until May 30th. For more information on the exhbition and the GNO please see


Further information about JENNIFER LEFORT can be found here.


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