PMG's CINDY STELMACKOWICH appears in the current issue of Interalia Magazine in an article entitled "Between Art and Biomedicine."  Interalia is an online magazine dedicated to promoting inquiry into, and open-minded discussion about, the interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness.  


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Consistent with The Interalia Centre’s aims, the magazine offers knowledge and inspiration from the world's most exciting thinkers to a community of the curious to engage with ideas and each other. An important aspect of the magazine will be to foster news ideas and promote further discussion.

For over 10 years, Cindy Stelmackowich has investigated the relationship between art and biomedicine. Historical anatomical images have been made into digital collages that ask new sets of questions about medicine; its histories, methods and knowledge structures. Vintage medical equipment has also been integrated into laboratory-themed installations. These artworks allow for an interdisciplinary dialogue between digital technology, contemporary biomedical science and art – three disciplines that are ultimately not as far apart as they initially might seem.



Interalia Magazine is dedicated to promoting inquiry into, and open-minded discussion about, the interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness, regarding each as an open and systematic inquiry into the deep structure of human experience

Its aims are based on the belief that far from being mutually exclusive activities, art, science and consciousness represent different yet complimentary ways of looking at and understanding the world.

The magazine believes that Ideas make a difference. It believes in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and the world. People who put ideas into action can inspire the rest of us to go and do the same. They look for contributions from people whose creative and imaginative thinking and work have expanded our notion of who and what we are.

The editorial impulse of the Interalia Magazine lies in its depth of open inquiry, commitment to interdisciplinary thought, and an emphasis on exploring connections between the arts, sciences and consciousness. An important aspect of the magazine is to foster news ideas and promote further discussion.

Each issue focuses on a particular theme such as: Celebrating the Imagination; Time, Space and Scale; Complexity, Emergence and Information; Identity and the Self; Convergent Territories; Growth and Form; Celebrating the Rational; Educating the Imagination; Alchemy and Metaphor; Contemplating Inner and Outer Space; Transition- towards an Ecozoic Era; and Naturally Creative. Future themes will evolve as further inquiry and discussions are created.