We are pleased to announce PMG artist CINDY STELMACKOWICH is being featured in MEDinART, an international network for artists around the world who specialize in biomedical sciences. MEDinART focuses on highlighting biomedical issues through different forms of art and bringing together med-inspired artists in order to educated the general public and trigger scientists to communicate their research fields using creative and innovative ways.


For over ten years, CINDY STELMACKOWICH has investigated the relationship between art and biomedicine. Historical anatomical images have been made into digital collages that ask new sets of questions about medicine; the methods and meanings of science, how science is perfomed on the body, and how the languages of medical science operate. Vintage medical equipment has also been integrated into laboratory-themed installations. These artworks allow for an interdisciplinary dialgoue between digital technology, contemporary biomedical science and art - three disciplines that are ultimately not as far apart as they may initially seem.


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