We are pleased to announce PMG artist DEBORAH MARGO is being featured by RIA (Research In Art) in an online catalogue documenting her recently finished year-long involvement with the Ottawa-based initiative. RIA aims to promote discussions and reading on contemporary art and to serve the intellectual and social needs of a broad spectrum of artists, art writers, curators, dealers and viewers in the Ottawa region. 


In 2011, the founders of RIA, Petra Halkes and René Price, began to show exhibitions in thier Ottawa home. Inspired by long-term curatorial projects, Halkes and Price invited DEBORAH MARGO to be the key artist in a project beginning in September, 2013. Margo's domestic installation SALT AND PAPER served as a springboard; inspiring related group and solo shows, discussions, lectures and screenings in their home over the following twelve months.


DEBORAH MARGO has extensive experience creating interventions in unusual places. Uninterested in grand events, or in monuments that commemorate them, she finds wonder in the everyday and in the task of tracking time. For more than twenty years, her art practice has combined a variety of disciplines including sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and ephemeral installations, questioning the contextual identities of public and private spaces. 


For more information about RIA and their various projects, please see Further information about DEBORAH MARGO can be found at A pdf of RIA's online catalogue One Thing Led to Another - The Story of Deborah Margo's Salt and Paper Intervention and the Tangents and Events that Followed can be found below. 


For more information:
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Tel. 613.746.0690