We are pleased to announce PMG artist DEBORAH MARGO has been named the winner of a public art competition to create an original artwork for the Ottawa South Community Centre.




Winner of Ottawa South Community Centre public art competition highlights old character with new art

Ottawa – Deborah Margo, local artist and winner of the Ottawa South Community Centre public art competition, will create hanging artwork that will enhance the architectural character of the Centre and highlight its new features.

The winning artwork, a free-standing, contemporary relief consisting of 10 punctured and embossed copper panels, will be mounted on a tension cable system in the vestibule of the new facility. It will be positioned so that it may be viewed from the outside as well as the inside of the building. The permanent installation will function as a light enhancer emphasized by the embossed and punctured imagery. All of the imagery for the copper panels will be created in consultation with the Ottawa South community as Margo will invite residents to contribute ideas based on their green spaces or favourite recreational spaces in Ottawa South.

The Public Art Program commissions artists’ works for display in public spaces. One percent of funds for municipal development projects is set aside for public art in order to enhance the unique character of the space giving it a sense of identity while ensuring that art is accessible to everyone.

The City’s Community Art Program initiated a two-stage competition to integrate art into the Ottawa South Community Centre. The surrounding community was given a preview of the submissions from four finalists and was asked to record their comments about the proposals. The art selection committee took these comments into consideration prior to the selection of the winning artist’s proposal. The project’s selection criteria included such things as artistic excellence, experience of the artist, site integration, community engagement and sustainability.

For more information about the new public art visit or call 3-1-1.