We are pleased to announce PMG artist JESSICA AUER's exhibition A NEW WORLD, currently on view at SPOROBOLE in Sherbrooke, Quebec, has been named one of Canadian Art magazine's "Must Sees This Week." 


Referring directly to the European "discovery" of North America, JESSICA AUER draws from saga literature and archeology to examine this historical enigma. After spending several years following in the footsteps of the Viking explorers that first encountered the "New World," Auer travelled to Greenland where a team of Danish archeologists work on the restoration of the world's best-preserved Norse ruins. In this landscape, somewhere between the Old and the New Worlds, layers of history drift from one stratum to another. Stones that may once have supported a ruin now punctuate the walls of a modern house. Other stones, previously shifted to new purposes, are shifted back to restore an archeological site. Through the use of photography and video, Auer observes how humans go about altering and reinterpreting the landscape. 


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