We are pleased to announce PMG artists NATASHA MAZURKA will appear in POSSIBLE FORMS OR ACTIONS a solo exhibition curated by NATALIA LEBEDINSKAIA and presented at the ART GALLERY OF SOUTHWESTERN MANITOBA.


Curated by Natalia Lebedinskaia

Possible Forms or Actions is an installation of embossed drawings and cut vinyl that focuses on the role of visual syntax in lending order to experience. Mazurka’s work tests the communicative potential of pattern by sampling and combining visual references from diverse disciplines, such as architecture and biology, digital networks and futuristic popular films. In a drawing series titled Index, rules have been set to generate new hybrid forms, placing focus on the potential of pattern to transform materially and conceptually with limited means: lines, nodes, curves and geometric shapes. The resulting catalogue of hybrid systems is a science fiction that courses between disciplines openly and continuously, creating connections between diverse systems of knowledge. Mazurka’s cut vinyl patterns reference how the syntax we employ to structure our environments is a reflection of our thoughts, desires, and anxieties. Fusing design and informational languages from different periods, these works bring into focus the opposing, and sometimes contradictory, aesthetic approaches used to communicate within both physical and non-material realms of experience.