We are proud to announce PMG artist LAUREN PELC-MCARTHUR has been awarded the NANCY PETRY AWARD from the prestigious NANCY PETRY FOUNDATION, in association with THE JOE PLASKETT FOUNDATION.


The 2019 Nancy Petry Award was won by painter Lauren Pelc-McArthur, who is originally from Toronto and is currently pursuing a Painting and Drawing Master of Fine Arts at Concordia University. The $10,000 award will allow her to travel to Europe for two months, where she plans to stay in Leipzig in Germany, as well as explore museums in Russia and in Italy, and to visit the CERN laboratory in Switzerland. The jury greatly appreciated the complexity of her paintings, which combine multiple techniques to create visually mutable surfaces that evoke the instability of the digital.


The Nancy Petry Foundation & The Joe Plaskett Foundation

The Joe Plaskett Foundation is a registered charity initially funded by Joseph Plaskett personally. In 2014, the Nancy Petry Foundation approached them about creating a second prize using their jury process. The inaugural Petry Prize was awarded in 2015. This has been a very successful partnership. The Joe Plaskett Foundation is actively looking for donors and/or partners who are interested in promoting Canadian artists. They encourage any interested parties to contact them to discuss their ideas, including donors who would like to enhance one of their existing two prizes or to create a new prize. In addition to the wonderful experience of living abroad, Plaskett and Petry winners gain recognition in the Canadian art world that is invaluable to their careers. The reputation of these awards is exactly what Nancy Petry and Joseph Plaskett envisioned when they founded their foundations.


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Portrait of Lauren Pelc-McArthur by Richard-Max Tremblay