We are pleased to announce PMG artist ANDREW WRIGHT will appear in PRETTY LOFTY AND HEAVY ALL AT ONCE, a solo exhibition presented by the Ottawa Art Gallery.


Curated by Ola Wlusek, PRETTY LOFTY AND HEAVY ALL AT ONCE will present a selection of WRIGHT’s works that span more than a decade and challenge conventional uses and accepted understandings of time-based practices. The exhibition acknowledges that the photographic found all around us is a paradox: what is in our direct line of vision may be beyond our ability to perceive.


Central to ANDREW WRIGHT’s artistic practices are lens-based technologies and photographic techniques. His work functions as a series of visual inquiries, aiming to create a particular kind of imagery that both identifies and challenges conventional uses and understandings of photographic practice. His subjects vary, but often take on natural tropes to create perceptual bridges that examine the very conditions of image production.


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