We are pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by NATASHA MAZURKA is currently on view at the Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery in Tokyo. Jointly presented by the Embassy of Canada and the Ottawa Art Gallery, Recombinant investigates pattern systems to explore historical and current methods of depicting natural and technological phenomena.


In this project, NATASHA MAZURKA revisits pattern-driven paintings she created for the Ottawa Art Gallery. By tracing organic motifs found in the landscape paintings of the Group of Seven, Mazurka created ornamental sequences which, when translated into painted patterns, echoed Art Nouveau and Japonisme. This project highlighted Canadian painting's ties to international aesthetics of the 19th and 20th centuries and revealed how interpretations of nature are influenced and guided by time. 


In Recombinant, NATASHA MAZURKA adapts her earlier patterns in a new group of vinyl installations, joined by a series of embossed drawings. Employing natural and technological motifs, these works sythesize different time periods, cultures and disciplines. By making specific reference to Canadian and Japanese art and design, Mazurka's work underscores shared histories in employing pattern systems to order and connect with our surrounding environments. 


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