We are pleased to announce PMG artist SCOTT EVERINGHAM will appear in ART WITH HEART, the 21st annual auction of contemporary Canadian art dedicated to raising funds for CASEY HOUSE. Presented by TD Bank Group, Art With Heart will feature 86 works of art by some of Canada's most exciting and significant Canadian artists, and will be held on October 7 at The Carlu in Toronto.


Founded in 1988, CASEY HOUSE is the first freestanding HIV/AIDS hospital in Canada, with community programs including nursing care and outreach. Funds raised by ART WITH HEART will enable the Casey House to send registered nurses and social workers into clients' homes, provide rehabilitative care and recreation therapy, and bring specialized HIV nursing care to marginalized people who lack access to treatment. 


SCOTT EVERINGHAM is a three-time RBC Painting Competition finalist. His paintings explore the materiality of the paint and the relationship between marks and negative space, as well as how this correlates directly to fiction, in that anything is possible. Each stroke is crafted based on the stroke before it and a work progresses quickly, without delay, until it is considered finished. This immediacy is indicative of how each painting is put together: various selections of colour and brushstroke mimic the natural and fabricated world, often with utopian and dystopian results. 


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