We are pleased to announce that solo exhibitions by PMG artist SCOTT EVERINGHAM was named Must-Sees by Canadian Art!


In Everingham’s second exhibition at Patrick Mikhail, and his first at the gallery’s new Montréal exhibition space, the artist presents an innovative body of work that explores new directions in his artistic practice. The exhibition allows him to act as architect and painter while exposing the choices and process of creating visual language. The works in BREATHER are, from a painter’s perspective, logical and trustworthy, yet at the same time naïve and faulty. Items and objects could be viewed as purposeful or useless; static, or in the middle of falling apart. The simple mark of paint simultaneously acts as the tool to build: added and removed impressions of architectural objects that mimic familiar forms around us while existing as a performative moment in time. Time then becomes important, not only in the creation of the works, but also for one’s ability to examine visual communication as a meditative tool. More information on BREATHER can be found here


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