We are pleased to announce PMG artist STEPHEN BROOKBANK is one of the artists being featured in Possible Futures: What is to be Done? The 2014 Windsor-Essex Triennial of Contemporary Art. The exhibition highlights and celebrates the distinct voices and compelling work by artists in southwestern Ontario, eastern Michigan, Windsor-Essex and Detroit.


The Triennial builds on the Art Gallery of Windsor’s legacy of promoting the region as a cultural hub of (post-) industrial transformation and urban renewal. The exhibition brings together emerging and established artists who explore our automotive and industrial legacies, agricultural and food-based economies, built and natural environments to present innovative, playful and participatory propositions for cultivating sustainable futures. Looking back on the region’s history through the lens of contemporary art, artists working in mediums that range from photography, video, installation, sculpture, drawing and painting draft up possible pathways and environs for the next generations.


Included in the exhibition are eleven pieces from STEPHEN BROOKBANK’s ongoing series, The Making of a Place. Brookbank’s interest lies predominately in documentation. His work explores the themes of social identity through images of industrial, commercial, residential and environmental landscapes.


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