In this project, conceived especially for Volta11, Quebec artist JENNIFER LEFORT mimics the artist’s studio with the creation of a space divided into work zones that highlights her artistics research. The booth presentation will represent, as closely as possible, the studio visit experience, including in-situ installation work, research material and finished work.


Working in painting, drawing, and sculpture, Jennifer Lefort navigates the ambiguous terrains of abstraction, blurring the lines between formalism and expressionism, color field and pattern, structure and disorder, and accident and intuition. Interested in how color and gesture can substitute as a form of language in abstract work, Lefort aims to create unexpected yet poetic relationships between those elements in both painting and sculpture.


Lefort's personal experience and daily intake of urban culture have been a starting point for her work. She is fascinated with how the human condition reacts and finds its place within urban culture; how it finds room to escape, to belong, to contemplate, and to move. Urban centers have the capacity to change on multiple levels all at once: architecturally, demographically, financially, and emotively. To Lefort, this appears to be deeply at the core of most experiences: fundamentally ephemeral, visceral, and fleeting in nature.


VOLTA is Basel's renowned platform for presenting the vision of contemporary art galleries of global prestige whose artists represent new and relevant positions for curators and collectors alike.
 Conceived to bridge a gap between Basel's pre-existing fairs, VOLTA showcases galleries – whether young or mature – that choose to work with the most exciting emerging artists. These galleries must keep deeply meaningful connections with their artists and follow them throughout their careers. In turn, select galleries exhibit in the airy rotunda surroundings of Basel's Markthalle, elevating their own platforms for an experience mutually beneficial to fair visitors and the galleries alike.


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