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Emilie Duval's work is defined by research and observation to acknowledge the functionality of our societies. Fueled by her studies in Law at the University of Paris Assas, and Art at the Ecole du Louvre, she focuses her interest on a wide range of geopolitical, economical and financial matters and their existence through algorithms. Duval translates them into a metaphoric vision to extract the very sense of the structural balance of our societies. Her goal is to lead people to a new observation of their environment by triggering a questioning reflection. She wants to develop intellectual and visual connections towards people to nourish their need of discovering the future of their surroundings. 

Duval develops her thematics around paintings, videos and installations to give various perceptions of her subject matters. She examines her topics through the eye of a structural mind to show how the ludicrous algorithmic complexity has effect on societies. The paintings are made of layers of acrylic paint, drawings and collages extracted from researches to establish the architecture of my thematics. She then creates installations to give a physical dimension of the algorithmic systems and to highlight their magnitude. 

Through the visual sensory of her paintings and installations, Emilie Duval wants to work up the intricacy of our societal environment by focussing on its workings and trigger the emotions for its better understanding.




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