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1988 PHD, Clement Greenberg & the Artist/Critic Relationship, New York University, New York

1979 MFA, Samuel Sarick Prize, York University, North York, Canada

1977 BFA, Honours with distinction, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada



2017 The Dream Machine / La Machine Revée, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montréal, QC

2016 Recent Acquisitions from DaDa Delirium, MacLaren Art Gallery, Barrie, ON

2015 Playtimes, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto

2013 DaDa Delirium, MacIntosh Gallery, University of Western ON

2012 Joy Ride, Katzman Kamen Gallery, Toronto, ON

2012 DaDa Delirium, Art Gallery of Northumberland, Coburg, ON

2010 DaDa Delirium, MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, ON

2009 A Las Vegas State of Mind, Peak Gallery, Toronto, ON

2009 DaDa Delirium, Curated by Stuart Reid, Tom Thompson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON

2006 DaDa Flow, Peak Gallery, Toronto, ON

2004 panorama Galerie Sylviane Poirier Art Contemporain, Montreal, Que.

2002 panorama, Artist Project, for Public,Cities/Scene Issue.

2001 paintingsonline <janetjones <>

1996 Static Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1992 On Shifting Ground, Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta.

1991 On Shifting Ground Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Ontario.

1991 Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John's Newfoundland.

1991 Definitely Superior Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

1990 Struts Gallery, Sackville New Brunswick.

1986 Fleur du Mal, S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1984 S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1980 YYZ Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.

1980 80 Washington Square East Galleries, NY, NY.

1979 Fine Arts on Markham: Toronto, On.



2019 Radiant Energy, McLaren Art Gallery, Barrie, ON. Curated by Emily McKibbon.

2018 Built to Play, FCP Gallery, Toronto, ON. Curated by Kelly McCray.

2018 Finem Aestatis, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montreal, QC

2018 Papier Artfair, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montréal, QC

2018 Up Close and In Motion, Rodman Hall Art Gallery, St Catherines, ON. Curated by Emma German

2017 Imposters, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, ON.

2016 The Triumph of the Therapeutic, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montréal, QC

2016 It’s Miller Time, Group Exhibition, spring, Katzman Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, ON

2015 Papier Artfair 15, Featured Artist, Katzman Contemporary, April, Montreal, QC

2015 Summer Show of Gallery Artists, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, ON

2014 Summer Show, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, ON

2013 Collapse, Installation: Waiting for….Zabriski, Katzman Contemporary (For the Canadian Art Gallery Hop)

2012 Toronto International Artfair, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, ON

2011 Celebrating Women Artists in the Permanent Collection, MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, ON.

2011 At Home with Dystopia, Marine Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2011 Recent Additions to the Permanent Collection, Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg, ON.

2010 Empire Of Dreams, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto. ON.

2009 Cluster, Peak Gallery, Toronto, ON.

2007 Nuit Blanche,Bloor Night Light, Projections and performance. Toronto.

2005 Cluster, Peak Gallery, Toronto, ON.

2004 The Ironic Turn, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art Toronto, ON.

2004 Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, NB.

2003 The Ironic Turn, Faux Movement. Metz, France.

2002 The Ironic Turn, Kunsthalle, Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany.

1998 Project Room, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta.

1997 Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1991 Nine from Toronto," Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, ON.

1991 Glendon Gallery,Toronto, ON.

1990 Nine from Toronto", Newcastle-on-Tyne University Gallery,

1990 Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. Catalogue

1986 Faculty exchange exhibition. Touring exhibition to cities in China. Catalogue.

1984 Anima(l): Koffler Gallery, Toronto, ON. Catalogue

1984 Artists & Their Work" P.M.C., Toronto, ON.

1983 Attitude, C.N.E., Toronto, ON.

1983 Works on Paper, S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1983 New Drawings, The Drawing Center, New York, NY.

1983 Small Works, 80 Washington Sq. East Galleries, NY, NY. Curated by Marcia Tucker, The New Museum. Catalogue




2003 Bauhaus, Weimar, Germany, July.

2003 Hogeschool, Rotterdam, Netherlands, May.

2003 Willem de Kooning Art School, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2000 Banff Centre for the Arts, Big City Residency

1998 Banff Centre for the Arts, Women and Paint Residency.

1993 Havana Artists' Union. Havana, Cuba, Fall.

1993 Université Canadienne en France, Nice and Paris, France.

1992 Slade School of Art - Graduate Painting Area, London, UK.

1992 Muchina Art Institute - St. Petersburg, Russia. Spring,

1992 The Repin Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia. Spring.

1992 The Moscow Artists' Union, Moscow, Russia. Spring.

1992 The Central Academy of Art, Beijing, China, Summer.



Musée d'art contemporain, Montréal, QC.

Schulich School of Business. Toronto, ON.

OAISS, AMPD, York University.

Bergeron Building, Faculty of Engineering, York University, Toronto, ON.

MacLaughlin Art Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario.

AIMIA, Head Office Toronto, ON.

Bank of Montreal, Head Office, Montreal, QC

Dean’s Office, AMPD , York University

Department of Film, Faculty of Fine Arts, York University.

Rodman Hall, Brock University, St. Catherines, ON.

Bank of Montreal, Head Office, Toronto, Canada.

Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba

TD Bank

MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, ON

Northumberland Art Gallery, Coburg, ON.

MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON.



2017 Le Vadrouilleur Urbain, Art Visuels, Montréal/Paris, JANET JONES - La Machine a Reves/ Patrick Mikhail Gallery, CA. October 12.

2017 Ratsdeville, le webzine de la diversité en arts visuels | the visual arts diversity webzine, 20/10/2017, Janet Jones @ Patrick Mikhail, The Dream Machine.

2017 Canadian Art Magaine, 'Must Sees', October 19th-25th.

2013 Elliot, Shaw, C. Susan Gold & Janet Jones at the McIntosh Gallery, LondonFuse, May 16,

2013 Belanger, Joe. On the Canvas: Two Diverse Exhibitions at the Gallery, London Free Press, May 22.

2012 Rhodes, Rick. Janet Jones’ Latest Canvases Pack Spatial Punch, Canadian Art Magazine, October.

2012 Sherwood, Barbara. Video interview with Janet Jones at Joyride exhibition , Katzman / Kamen Gallery, Sept. 12. Artsync, Canadian Art Connected

2012 Sumi, Glenn. Joyride, Katzman/Kamen Gallery Toronto, On. Now Magazine. Must See Shows.

2012 Sandals, Leah. Canadian Art Magazine, ‘Must Know artists from Acros the Canada”.

2011 Bell-Farrell, C. New acquisitions from the Permanent Collection, MacLaren Art Centre,

2011 Reid, Stuart. DaDa Delirium, catalogue essay: Silent Night Electronic Light: On the

Paintings of Janet Jones, by Stuart Reid, Director, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Sask.

2011 Tenhaaf, Nell.DaDa Delirium, catalogue essay: Outside the Comfort Zone: Paintings by Janet Jones

2011 Uhlyarik, Georgiana. DaDa Delirium, catalogue interview with Janet Jones. Georgiana Uhlyarik, Assistant Curator, AGO

2011 Anderson, C. “At Home with Dystopia at Marine Contemporary, LA” The Huffington Post, Jan.

2011 Nys, Shana, Review of Salon #7, Marine Contemporary, LA. WhiteHot Magazine, Jan.

2010 Carson, Andrea. View on Canadain Art, Empire of Dreams, Toronto artists On View at MOCCA. Group exhibition of work that the MOCCA Curators’ “ feel are the city’s most active and vital”.

2010 Godden, Sky. “Empire of Dreams: City Sounds”, Canadian Art Magazine on line, June.

2010 Liss, David. Empire of Dreams: The Phenomenology of the Built Environment, catalogue essay. MOCCA, Toronto. Fall.

2010 Yvonne Lammerich Viva Las Vegas, Review of DaDa Delirium, MacLarenArt Centre, Canadian Art Magazine, Summer

2010 Blenkhorn, Leigh. Review of DaDa Delirium, MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie Advance, May.

2010 Hollindaze. Janet Jones @ Peak Gallery, A Las Vegas of the Mind.

2009 Dault, Gary Micheal, A Las Vegas of the Mind, Peak Gallery, Globe & Mail,Sept. 19

2007 Tenhaaf, Nell.“Review DaDa Flow, Peak Gallery, Canadian Art, September issue.

2006 Dault, Gary Micheal “DaDa Flow, Peak Gallery, Globe and Mail,

2004 CBC Arts News. “Canadian Exhibit Challenges European Conventions”, March 18.

2004 Dault, Gary Micheal. “The Irony of Really Big Expectations” Globe and Mail, July 3, 2004.

2003 Elke Kustner. “Ironie verbindet. Erfurt: Neun kanadische Kunstler” Thurginger Allgemeine, Erfurt, Germany, July 5.

2003 Obst, Sylvia. “Kanadish Gegenwartskunst wird ihrem Titel gerecht:”The Ironic Turn”, Ostthuringer Zeitung, Erfurt, Germany.

2003 Fiedler,Peter “Sie sagen am Ast, auf dem sie sitzen”, Eifenache Presse, Thuringer, Germany. Saturday, July 5.



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