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We are pleased to announce the appearance of PMG artist THOMAS KNEUBÜHLER in Work'PLACE', a group exhibition held in Open Space in Victoria, B.C.  Featuring the work of Christine Welsh, Tommy Ting, Dong-Kyoon Nam, and THOMAS KNEUBÜHLER, Work'PLACE' interrogates the rapidly transforming definitions of "work."

In our incresingly globalized economy everything from manual production to information management contributes to new understandings of labour. In Work'PLACE', each artist uses a variety of strategies to explore how the fluctuations of these working realities influence our identities and shifting subjectivities. 


THOMAS KNEUBÜHLER's work often deals with social issues and how technology is affecting people's lives. His work has been presented in exhibtions across Europe and North America and can be found in several collections, including those of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, The Conseil des arts de Montréal, and RBC Royal Bank. 


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